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Hello everyone, First off thank you for taking a minute to look though my page and learn a little more about me.

So here we go, this all started in 2011, when I was 6 six years old. I was watching TV  (The Weather channel), when I saw the Joplin Missouri Ef 5 tornado. Being only 6 years old at the time, I could not believe all the destruction. After seeing the shelters full of victims left with no homes, or belongings. It touched my heart, I felt like I had to help. Being as young as I was, I wasn't sure what little me was going to do. I told my parents that I was going to make bracelets and sell them in order to make the money I needed to help. So off I went, making beaded bracelets. I made as many as I could with the supplies I had. I was going to sell them but because I didn't want the people that did not have a lot of money, not to be able to get a bracelet. So I ended up putting them in a bucket and setting them out at our local gas station with a sign that said free-will donation to help support disaster victims. This took off, I would have never imagined the support I would get. I was able to get enough money to help and elderly couple from Joplin, and  was able to start creating and sending care packages. So that is how my dream began! A dream to make a difference, with the support of my family and community, I set off to help as many people and as much as I could. My heart was full so I continued to help and make bracelets, to raise more funds. I started shopping for supplies and shipping them to natural disaster areas all across the United States. I wanted to give families and communities hope and put a smile on victims faces. I want them to know that I care. Now that I had the means to help, I started to use any extra funds from my bracelets to help out in a different way. I have been a Jr. Auxiliary Member at our local Legion hall for as long as I can remember. I have always been involved in as much as I could. During my involvement I've always felt bad for the Veterans that are homeless or near homeless. Most of them either have no families or lost connection with families. So along with my bracelets I began to ask for sponsors, to sponsor a Veteran, so that I could provide these Veterans with a Christmas. A Christmas they would not otherwise have. I set a date every year, and I take any money I may have left after helping with disasters, plus the money from sponsors and I go shopping. I buy as many large bags as I can and fill them full of gifts both fun gifts, and life essential gifts. I pass the bags out and then I then sit down with them and have a traditional Christmas dinner. This started with only serving 35 Veterans and has gown over the years to now serving 70 plus Veterans. They enjoy it every year everyone looks forward to it, in the years to come. I continue with my bracelets and have a few yearly sponsors. My hope and dream is to help on a larger scale. I hope to inspire others to get involved and continue to involve community members, schools, and clubs to make a difference. I always say if everyone does a little, it becomes a lot! Everyone needs to be good Americans and help each other out.