Disaster Releif


EF2 Close to home

In July of 2016 we had a tornado touch down at our local fair ground and continue into town ----- I was able to be one of the first on seine with my trailor, and I help lead the support efforts through town. Helping make sure that each donation that came in got into the hands of a person or family that needed it most.


Building Care-

This a picture of me building a care package. I try to talk to the communities or families, to find specific types of needs. Like if they need baby clothes or kid clothes and sizes that would best help them in this time of need. I try to build each package with essential items but I also try to send toys or other items they may help keep the kids busy. I also draw on and customize each box as I send each of these boxes with love.



This was me when I was 6, looking at all the damage created by EF5 tornado in Joplin Missouri. This was the tornado that really change me, from just wanting to help, into a need to help and really started my dream of helping as many people as I possible could